In-situ Heliospheric
Science Symposium
September 18 - 20,   2012
11101 Johns Hopkins Road Building 200
Conference Room 200-E100
JHU/APL, Laurel MD

A Note From The Organizers

Dear Registrants,
for those who haven't visited APL in the past year, we have moved to a new building which is also the site of the symposium. The map below shows the location and address for your GPS, and also the old building site (MP3) for reference.

The parking lot adjacent to the building ("V" on the map) is open parking for any unmarked spot.

When you come into the lobby of building 200, whose entrance is on the south side, you do not need to sign in to get to the Conference Room E100 -- it is on the right and opens off the lobby.

Later, if you attend one of the breakout meetings on the second floor you will need to sign in at the desk in the lobby to get your badge and laptop tag. The guard at the desk has names of the registrants and so sign in should be easy.

For more information, visit the site:

We're looking forward to seeing you at the symposium,

Best regards, Glenn


In-situ observations by spacecraft provide [note in no particular order] the ground truth for comparison and constraining models, have transformed our ideas of the heliosphere, provide a natural laboratory for plasma physics, have challenged our pre-conceived ideas, and have discovered completely unexpected phenomena. This workshop will focus on in-situ observations of the heliosphere made by the unprecedented suite of instruments currently returning observations, including the STEREO spacecraft, near-Earth spacecraft (ACE, WIND, SOHO), MESSENGER in orbit about Mercury, and the Voyager, IBEX, and Cassini spacecraft probing the region approaching the heliopause. It is a follow on from the ACE/WIND/STEREO workshop held in Kennebunkport in June 2010. The program will include an overview of recent results from current missions, invited presentations, and splinter sessions with a heavy emphasis on discussion. These sessions will focus on the solar cycle variations, solar wind, solar energetic particles, suprathermal ions, coronal and interplanetary transients, and anomalous and galactic cosmic rays.

The In-situ Heliospheric Science Symposium is to be held September 18 -20, 2012, at JHU/APL, Laurel MD.

Early registration is $135 and ends August 18, 2012 at 8AM Pacific time. Late registrations for USA citizens and green card holders will be accepted online up until September 10th with a $50 late fee.

Please register online. Meeting attendees will not have to go through security for the main sessions.

Non-USA citizens (without a green card) MUST register online and supply the additional information on that registration page before the early registration deadline in order to attend the scientific program breakout meetings! And please review the APL Visitor's Guide if you wish to attend the scientific program breakout meetings.

Wireless access to the Internet will be available in the conference room.

The meeting will end by 3pm on September 20.

Scientific Program

The symposium schedule is available here in Adobe Acrobat format.

Please contact Richard Mewaldt about schedule items.

Meeting Sessions

The following scientific sessions are planned. Please see the linked descriptions for more information and contacts, and to indicate interest.

Hotel Information, Maps, Directions, Parking

APL Visitor Guide, Local Lodging Guide, directions to APL, etc.

Note: Be sure to ask for the "Johns Hopkins APL rate" when you book a room in any of the hotels listed on the APL lodging page. Folks who have already made a hotel reservation have found that the Columbia Hampton Inn has the best rate: ($105 APL rate). YMMV.

The meeting will be held at 11101 Johns Hopkins Road, Building 200, Conference Room, 200-E100.
APL vicinity map

Driving instructions: Approaching Building 200 westbound on Johns Hopkins Road

Last Updated: 14 September 2012